Aly's Angle on Sleep



Aly’s Angle on sleep

I am a good sleeper. I am the type of person who can fall asleep midday for anything from a power nap to a two-hour nap and wake up feeling energized. I have theories as to why I developed this impressive nap ability, but that’s for another day. Let’s just say it allows to me to truly relax my anxious mind. If I try to read, mediate or do yoga, I feel uneasy because I think I should be doing something “more productive.”   I guess the nap feels productive to me.

This week’s Be Better Challenge is to sleep. While I pride myself on my ability to sleep, during busy weeks I find it hard to fall asleep because I am worried about my list of to do’s or excited about the direction of the Be Better Movement. When my husband and I get really into a Netflix series, which we tend to watch right before bed, my mind wanders, trying to figure out the plot line. Sometimes those plots enter my dreams, where I get chased by terrorists, make meth in the middle of deserts or try to solve White House political scandals. Can you guess the television series we have been watching?

IMG_6959So this week I have made a very deliberate effort to turn off all electronics before bed because the Be Better challenge is to get seven to eight hours of sleep, plus give yourself an “electronic curfew.” The seven to eight hours of sleep has been relatively easy, but it has been at the cost of waking up early for my morning routine.  I had set a goal with my husband to try to go to bed before 10 p.m. every night so I could get up at 6 a.m. and start my morning routine. But this has been a super busy Be Better work week, which has made it hard to disconnect and go to bed. I have been on phone calls, listening to podcasts and writing emails late into the night. Regardless, this week I made it a rule that once I get into bed, I do not touch my phone. I don’t scroll facebook, I don’t respond to emails, and I don’t text.

I like the feeling of excluding my phone from our bed.  For my whole life I have valued my bed as a special place. No food or dogs allowed, sheets need to be clean, etc. So I don’t know how my phone snuck in without me even realizing how distracting it is. This week I am grateful for the challenge to set an “electronic curfew.” Not only to prepare me for sleep, but to replace the time wasted on my phone with more productive nighttime routines, such as baths, listening to music and journaling.