Aly's Angle: Organizing = 10 Unfinished Projects


Aly SimonsSo I am guilty of always existing in what I like to call "organized clutter," although sometimes I question the “organized” portion of that phrase. I actually love organizing … let me rephrase that, I love outlining the organizational plan. What I mean by this is that I love lists, I love calendars, and I love scheduling. It’s fun to think about the most effective way to get things done. My problem is that, every time I attempt to implement my grand organizational plan, I become distracted and overwhelmed. Maybe that has something to do with what my mom just decided to disclose to me when I turned 30: I was diagnosed with ADD as a child. I find it so funny that I never knew my inability to focus on one task wasn’t normal. As a result, I would multitask about 10 projects at once – which, somehow, allowed me to focus.

Back to organization. Here is a little insight into my very distracted (aka, ADD) organizing habits.

  • I decide to go do laundry in the garage.
  • But on my way to the garage, I see that there are a couple of dishes on the counter.
  • So I stop and put away the dishes. But before I can complete that task, I notice that the stovetop is dirty.
  • So I start cleaning the stove. Then I realize I need more cleaning solution, so I go to the closet.
  • On the way to the closet, I remember Tucker (my dog) hasn’t been fed, so I go outside to feed him.
  • Then I notice that I need to clean up his poop in the backyard, but I need plastic bags to do it.
  • So I go inside to get the bags, and realize that the dirty laundry is still sitting there because about 20 minutes ago I got distracted.

So over the course of 20 minutes, I have:

  • Taken my laundry to the garage door, but not placed it inside the washing machine
  • Put away half of the dirty dishes
  • Cleaned the stove, but left an almost empty bottle of cleaning solution on it
  • Neglected to feed my dog and almost picked up the poop outside

As you can tell, I have a lot of good intentions, but struggle with completing a task from start to finish. Therefore, I am really excited this week about focusing on one thing for 15 minutes. My goal is not to get distracted along the way.

Wish me luck.