Aly's Angle on Creating a Morning Routine


morning routineAly’s Angle on Morning Routines: Tea and News.

I have never taken a long time to get ready in the morning. I can get up 15 minutes before I have to leave for the day and make it out the door in time. I may not look very presentable, and it helps that I wear workout clothes to work. But up and out the door in 15 minutes.

Most of the time I slurp down a protein shake in the car while sitting in traffic, and often I forget about something I should have done before I left. But who cares? I got those extra minutes of sleep. To me that was more important -- until last week. Our Be Better Goal challenged everyone to create a morning routine. Based on my past schedule, I had no time for a routine, so decided I would take on the challenge by getting up at least 30 minutes earlier.

My friend and blog writer Emily Bosworth said her morning routine has changed her life. Coming from her, I knew I needed to try that out. The big question was what to add to my mornings that would prepare me for the day. I didn’t want it to feel like work; I wanted to make it something I would look forward to. This is how I decided what to add:

Add a warm cup of herbal tea. Every time I come back from traveling internationally, I set a goal to drink herbal tea in the morning. I mean, every time. I think it is because drinking tea represents relaxation and a more “in the moment” lifestyle to me. But after a couple of days back to work and life, I find that fitting a cup of warm tea into my life no longer is a priority. This week it is: Make a warm cup of herbal licorice mint tea and enjoy it.

Read the newsletter. My uncle gets up every morning and spends 30 minutes reading the newspaper. When I heard that, I was in awe. I think people who read the newspaper are so impressive. It is about educating yourself about what is going on around you. It is a time to reflex and be educated. Well, as part of my morning routine, I wanted to read the news. Instead of reading the local paper, I was going to use the iPad my husband gave me for Christmas. All week I have used the iPad app Newsify. I read updates on NPR News,, Positively Positive and Hands Free Mama.

It has only been a week, but my morning routine truly has made a difference in the start of my day. By noon, I feel like I have already had positive self time. By the next morning, I get excited to start the day early with my tea and iPad in hand.