Aly's Angle: Eye Contact


Aly SimonsEye Contact This week I realized I am not as good at looking people in the eye as I thought I was. Actually, I’m quite bad. When I walk by people on the street or in a store, I deliberately avoid eye contact. When I check out of the grocery store, I am focused on sliding my credit card through the machine rather than looking at the person checking me out.

I discovered the power of eye contact a couple of months ago when I was sitting next to a woman at a graduation party for one of my high school lacrosse players. The party was beautifully catered and there were people serving food and pouring champagne. The waiter came around as I was talking to this women. I continued my conversation, barely noticing him as he offered me another appetizer. The woman I was talking to stopped and said, "Thank you so much; I really appreciate it." She stopped what she was doing, looked him in the eyes and genuinely thanked him. In that moment, I knew that women was grateful, kind and thoughtful. Sometimes I feel too rushed and miss out on kind, gentle interaction.

This week I really want to stop and connect with people by simply looking them in the eyes when they talk or even as I pass them on the street. That means I will also be looking at my phone a whole lot less because I know so many missed eye contact moments happen while I am checking Facebook or Instagram.