Acts of Service #bebetter52

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The simple act of holding a door open for a stranger can set in motion a chain reaction that can improve the lives of others. Even small efforts have the potential to make big differences in people’s attitudes and feelings of self-esteem. You have the possibility to make our world a better place.

This week’s #bebetter52 challenge is to practice at least three acts of service, no matter how small. You may choose to help someone with their bags at the grocery store, cook a meal for a friend, or even volunteer at a local charity. No matter what you do, embrace the mindset of service and enjoy the perspective it gives you. 

Serving others can benefit you as well! Taking time to think about someone else often reduces the stress and anxiety we feel when we become too caught up in our own lives. Service is about spreading positivity through our actions. Simply being conscious of how we can be of help to others can make a world of difference in our moods. Service brings joy and changes the way we view the world. 

This challenge is a great one to get the kiddos involved. Kids will notice the good example you are setting through even the smallest deeds. Encourage your kids to practice their own acts of service, such as cleaning up after their sibling, clearing the table after dinner, helping you make cookies for the new neighbor. This is a perfect time to show your kids the ways they can affect others positively. 

Acts of Service to try:

  • Pick up trash on a walk

  • Give a stranger a compliment

  • Buy the coffee of the person behind you

  • Donate old clothes and toys

  • Walk a neighbor’s dog

  • Bake someone cookies

  • Offer to take a family’s photo 

  • Volunteer for a non-profit

  • Mow your neighbor’s lawn

  • Give someone else your seat on the bus or train

  • Add change to a parking meter

  • GET CREATIVE! All acts of service--no matter how small--spread kindness and positivity, so do as much as you can in any way you can!