Week 18 (Life) Goal: Accepting Compliments


Accepting ComplimentsThis week's goal: Take a compliment! As important as it is to give compliments, it is just as important to be able to accept a compliment. You might think that’s easy. But more often than not, people have a difficult time accepting compliments. The Be BETTER goal is when someone compliments you, accept the compliment by saying “Thank you.”

"You look lovely today." It's a wonderful thing to hear, yet it can be difficult to accept. Accepting compliments is one of those social norms that can be hard to navigate. By saying, "thank you," you are acknowledging that you agree with the compliment, but is this vain of you? We would say, heck no! You are a wonderful person, and when someone else takes notice of you, you should not hesitate to accept the compliment. We prefer not to look at this as prideful or vain, but rather as gratitude for the kind words. By accepting a compliment, you are saying, thank you. You are acknowledging that you appericate what they are saying.

But what is the best way to accept a compliment? We have found two sufficient ways to do this. The first is simple: say “Thank you.” That's it! The second way is to pass the compliment back. Say “Thank you,” and then add your own compliment in return. By doing this, you share the feel good with those around you. These are the two easiest ways to accept compliments. Who knows; you may see your confidence go way up after using these!