Aly's Angle on why to Accept Compliments


  Aly Vislocky

I have noticed that accepting compliments can be more difficult than giving them. My theory has always been that if you deny a compliment, you are denying someone the opportunity to be kind. If that is motivation enough, then accept the compliment even if you don’t believe it.

For example, someone says, "Aly, you look very pretty today," and my first reaction might be to think that I left the house this morning feeling the exact opposite. But if I say, "Oh, gross, I feel so out of shape lately," I have pretty much slapped that person in the face and said, "You are stupid for thinking that." That might be extreme, but often we think it’s more appropriate to deny the compliment because saying “thank you” would sound cocky. In reality, your thank you allows that person to walk away feeling said he or she has said something kind. And what that person said had the potential to make your day better.

I am also convinced that if you say thank you, you allow yourself to believe that the compliment might be true. That way the compliment can brighten your day.

Next time someone gives you a compliment, think about your response as either a rejection or embracement of something they are giving you. Allow yourself to accept compliments with open arms.

Check out this website that highlights visually why accepting compliments is so important