15 Minutes #bebetter52


15 Minutes #bebetter52

15 mins

Time is precious. It seems to slip through our fingers, and we are constantly left wondering, “Where did the day go?”

If we could all just take 15 minutes a day to focus on completing a small task, that time would add up. In a whole year, 15 extra minutes a day transforms into over 91 hours! That massive amount of time is what we are constantly striving for to get everything done.

This week we are challenging you to carve out 15 minutes every day and focus on a specific, bite-sized task. You can wake up 15 minutes earlier than normal, steal 15 minutes from your lunch hour, or spend an extra 15 minutes before bedtime. It really doesn’t matter when; you decide!

You must direct your focus to a specific task to be most efficient and productive. Start this week, but stay committed to cultivating a habit that will improve your life. This focused time will open up other “free time” you might have during the week so you can focus on improving other aspects of your social, personal, and professional life.

Spend 15 minutes reading a book. Organize papers in the filing cabinet. Journal about your day. Stretch. Visit the park down the street. Organize your closet. Research world news. Do an ab workout. These are just a few ideas. Check out "Top 10 Things You Can Do in 1515 mins reminder Minutes" for more useful tasks.

Post a picture with #bebetter52 of whatever task you focus on this week for the 15-minute challenge, and $2 will be donated to Wounded Warrior Project. Such an easy challenge this week – and making it a habit in our daily lives will definitely lead to success and more free time.

We constantly complain about not having time to do the things we should be doing. But that simply means we aren’t making that task a priority in our day. All it takes is carving out 15 minutes and focusing on the task at hand! Good luck. We can’t wait to see what extra task you take on this week.