When I think I am Too Tired, An Instagram Notification Pops Up

Cooper's kitchen and house plant.

Cooper's kitchen and house plant.

As most of your know, I am the founder of the Be Better Movement. I am also mom to two little ones and the head varsity lacrosse coach at Corona Del Mar High School. At times I thrive off managing this balance; other times, to be completely honest, I am overwhelmed by it all. But this week I want to talk about what has motivated and fueled me: you guys.

I started the #bebetter52 challenge three years ago in 2015. With the help of a handful of Chapman University interns, my cousin who write blogs, my mother-in-law who edits the blogs and donations from family members, we kept the vision of Be Better alive with countless hours of creative marketing and challenges. Many moments I wondered,  “Would anyone notice if I just called it quits.” But I decided to just put in another 6 months, then another, and another. The reason I kept going was the responses I’d read when people reported their completed challenge.  I felt guilty though because I was the only one reading the motivational accomplishments you were doing weekly. I looked for ways to build a sense of community but struggled to do so. 

This year I came up with the idea to encourage teams of five to complete the challenges, an idea that became obvious to me while coaching and witnessing the support teammates gave each other. When you do something as part of a team, you are not only held accountable, but it becomes fun. I envisioned team captains leading teams of four friends and/or family members. I envisioned group text chains sharing information about creative ways to complete each challenge.  By creating mini-teams, I knew participants would feel the sense of community I felt when calculating the total donations and reading responses.

Of course, we still embrace individuals signing up and completing the challenges alone, but creating Be Better Teams seems a game changer. Everything feels different. I stay up every night after the babies go to bed, working on ways to motivate you guys to complete the challenges. Doors are opening left and right because of your posts on social media. When I think I am too tired, an Instagram notification pops up, I read its complimentary depiction of Be Better Movement encouraging more friends to join, and I am rejuvenated.

This week alone:

Our audience has grown.

Our participation has increased and our #bebetter52 is flooding social media.

We had our first company partnership with Pretty-In-Green Plants.

After a family stroll through our downtown,  I walked into the Potting Shed in Old Town, Orange, to purchase a plant for the challenge. While Cory chased around Cooper and I had Clark, I was lucky to find the store owner, Jack, and asked his recommendation for air purifying plants. While showing me around the absolutely adorable I-would-buy-everything-if-I-could store, I asked if I could take his picture for the blog. What happened next is what I have been feeling all week-- the exciting potential of Be Better Movement.  Jack asked if I were available at 9:30 in the morning to share more about the Be Better Movement on his live radio show, Pots and Plants with Jack and Annie, KOCI 101.5 FM. So the next morning I sat in a radio station talking about you guys, the challenges and our cause.


So, yes, you bought a plant last week that not only improved your life but also raised money for Every Mother Counts. You may be unaware of the fact it was YOU who motivated me to keep pushing on. You inspired everyone who follows your post and, better yet, other Be Better participants who are following your hashtag.

Thank you for being part of the Be Better Movement. I cannot wait to see what this year will bring. Be Better has great potential to connect with companies, people and products that do good in this world. I am just grateful to be a part of this work.