Eating Oranges in the city of Orange, CA

In 2013, we bought a house in the city of Orange in Orange County, CA, and guess what? We even have orange trees in our backyard. So this week’s citrus challenge was not challenging at all. I love seeing old photos of Orange packed with orchards of citrus which, until the 1950s, was the backbone of the local economy.

From mid-December to mid-February our backyard produces enough oranges to feed the neighborhood. One year, we put a box of oranges on the sidewalk with a sign that read, “FREE! Take as many as you want.” When our backyard oranges slowly disappear, I buy my citrus from two sources:

  • Our bi-weekly Fresh Farm to You box often comes with a couple oranges, lemons and/or tangerines.

  • Cooper and I also go to the farmers’ market every Tuesday at Irvine Regional Park, particularly because the $3 parking fee is waived that day, but also because we love the produce there. This week I bought a $5 small bucket of tangerines.

Lessons on Vitamin C

When Cooper was sick earlier this year, her doctor told me to start feeding her mid-day smoothies with a whole orange blended into the mix. For some reason the concept “blew my mind” although it should have been common sense. What is the first thing we often do when we think we are getting sick? We grab one of the Emergen-C packs loaded with Vitamin C, an essential compound in maintaining a healthy immune system. Ever since then, I try to add an orange to her smoothies

Cooper has gone through moments when she LOVES eating Cuties (you know those small mandarin oranges with a cute name), but recently she puts them in her mouth, sucks out the juice and then throws the rest on the ground.  On a positive note, she is still getting some of the nutrition.

As I mentioned, this week’s #bebetter52 challenge was easy, but I have enjoyed the excuse to eat more and more citrus this week.