New Be Better Intern Chandana

Hello everyone! My name is Chandana, and I am a new intern at Be Better Movement. The first time I heard about Be Better, I was inspired by its effort to popularize a healthy lifestyle by making contributions to Every Mother Counts. Every Mother Counts is an international organization focused on making pregnancy and childbirth safer for every mother, everywhere.

I am a native of Thousand Oaks, CA, so the commute is short but excruciating because of the LA traffic. Nevertheless, I still look forward to going home almost every weekend. The love of my life and the apple of my eye is my bird – Pari. She’s a beautiful cockatiel with light grey feathers, a yellow crown and red cheeks. I love playing with her. Being a sophomore studying Strategic and Corporate Communications at Chapman University can be difficult, so interacting with Pari takes my mind off school. When we first got Pari, her feathers were clipped – she couldn’t fly. My family and I worked toward getting her healthy and flying again. Managing her diet, exercise and sleep has made me realize how important wellness is. My introduction to Be Better could not have come at a better time to pursue my newfound interest in health and wellness.

This week’s #bebetter52 challenge – plant tomatoes – is a great way for me to get started. Gardening has never been my forte, but I was very excited to try. I had a little bit of difficulty understanding exactly what needed to be done in order to grow a healthy plant. I started with a tiny tomato plant from my local Home Depot store. I found a nice, warm place for them in my parents’ garden and began to work. Making a big enough hole, I gently placed the plant inside and patted the soil down, up to the first set of leaves. Giving them plenty of water, I let time and sunlight do its work. The experience was strangely therapeutic and instilled a sense of calm. I implore you guys to try it, too