Our morning routine: Aly's Angles

I have been looking forward to this week's #bebetter52 challenge since the start of the year. I admire people who have healthy morning routines, and most of my life I have not allowed myself the time in the morning to achieve a set one. Before Cooper was born, I would sleep in until the last minute, and then I would rush out of the house with a morning smoothie in my hand-- if I was lucky. I would drink it in the car, planning out my day while stuck in traffic. Now that Cooper wakes up earlier than we ever did, we, too, wake up earlier.

Although my morning routine is not always focused and constructive, I have to admit the time in the morning has become sacred quality time with my little family. We have made great improvements since Cooper’s birth. Why? Because our mornings are a lot longer with a baby.

When Cooper wakes up, my husband gets out of bed first and plays with Cooper until he needs to shower and dress for work. This time is special to him and our daughter and is also a sweet, supportive gesture to me so I can sleep in a bit.  When daddy and daughter are done, I am greeted by a little 13-month-old munchkin, full of joy to see me and excitement to nurse. It’s then my turn. This is when and where my morning routine starts.

I get my snuggles.

Then we play.

Then we eat together. Most mornings I am busy in the kitchen preparing food until we sit down, side by side, and enjoy our breakfast. Yes, some of the meal involves chucking food to "woof woof," so I put our dog behind the baby gate to try and reduce the temptation for both of them.

Then we do an activity. Quality time with Cooper in the morning is important to me, so I devote  mornings to her and only her. Most days around noon, I start work. I have created a schedule we both look forward to, allowing for flexibility when life moves outside the routine.

Mondays- Run to Old Town with breakfast date at Starbucks

Tuesdays- Farmers’ Market and Park at Irvine Regional Park (free parking)

Wednesday's-Workout with Cooper at beach with Be Better Women

Thursdays- Library Story Time at Orange Public Library

Fridays-Workout with Cooper at beach with Be Better Women

This week our normal routine changed a bit because my mom visited us from Oregon, Tuesday through Thursday. Grandma time is the best!  Mornings were spent playing and eating. Cooper has become pretty proficient  at sign language, especially signaling more and food. On Thursday we took a little family trip to Utah. Nothing about vacations is routine, except for spending quality time with our baby girl.

We woke up to snow, Cooper sat on the floor and counters to eat, and she climbed up and down stairs all morning long.

Although my morning routine wasn’t super consistent this week, I treasure the moments spent with my little family.  And those “me time moments” before my daughter comes into the room can only help me be a more present mom.