Our First Company Partnership: Pretty In Green Plants


With more participants joining the Be Better Movement daily,  we are committed to finding companies passionate about supporting you in your journey towards self-improvement by donating money to charity every time you complete a challenge and donating products to motivate you.  

Last week we were so excited about our first ever company Partnership with "Pretty in Green Plants. They donated an air purifying plant to one of our lucky participants, Carmen. 

Here is a blog written by Pretty in Green owner, Monica Dia Moreno, sharing details about her passion: plants.

Houseplants make us happy, we might not know why, but we know that they do. Having a well-groomed garden, going for a walk in the park, or even looking at a landscape poster have immediate psychological benefits. It reduces stress, improves concentration, and help us think clearer. But beyond these psychological benefits, plants make us healthier too. Houseplants clean our air of toxins, create live-giving oxygen, and even remove mold spores and radiation from our homes. Helping us to live happier, healthier lives.

My name is Monica, I am the owner and operator of Pretty in Green Plants, and promoting wellness through air purifying houseplants is my life passion in life and the driving force behind my business. I am a strong believer in setting ourselves up for success in small, everyday ways that have immediate results and give us the strength to conquer larger goals. Adding houseplants to our living and working spaces is one of those ways – plants are proven to lower blood pressure and anxiety, increase energy, productivity and concentration, decrease headaches, allergy attacks and asthma attacks, and help us sleep better, among many other benefits. Not bad for a little houseplant, huh!

At Pretty in Green, I aim to make plants available to all regardless of location or disposable income available to spend on greenery – plants to the people, I say!

No matter the region, budget, or free time, there is an air purifying plant for you! From the lowest maintenance plants, like Snake Plants, that require water every 3-4 weeks and can live in a close without natural light for months at a time, to engaging ones like Ferns that will keep experienced gardeners busy. There is the perfect plant for everybody.

Connecting with companies with similar missions like Be Better Movement, and being able to join forces to form and community and promote wellness together, is the most rewarding and exciting part of this journey. Knowing that there are people out there as committed to creating social good makes every bit of work worth it and I can’t wait to see the positive impact that the Be Better Movement team has over the years! Thank you for selecting Pretty in Green to support your Clean Air challenge goal!

plant in shop.png