My Tea Fantasy


My little toddler is verbal just like her mother. She is starting to say everything on her mind. All week as I boiled a kettle full of water for my herbal tea, she would point to the oven and say “ water.” When I actually poured the cup, she’d reach for my mug, and I’d have to say, “Mama’s.” Trying to distract her little hands from accidentally knocking over the tea,  I’d give her a drink of water. After a minute of unsuccessfully grabbing my tea, Cooper finally accepted the steamy hot mug was something she was not allowed to touch.

I have always marveled at people who find time to sit early in the morning, peacefully enjoying a cup of hot tea. When I envision my most happy, centered self, it involves this fantasy: getting up early, brewing a cup of herbal tea and sitting outside at sunrise to  listen to music or write in my journal or read the newspaper.

Our current reality:

The getting up early part is a routine now--a little voice whines from the nursery around 6:30 each morning wanting dada or mama. That is Cooper’s call she is ready to get out of her crib. Most days, Cory gets up first to spend time with her before work. Around 7:15 am, it is my turn to take over. Most mornings, I am grateful for a forced reason to get out of bed. It allows me plenty of time in the morning to sit and eat breakfast.

As I mentioned, brewing the cup of tea isn’t the hard part. Drinking the cup while sitting down is the challenge. So this week, my solution involved dragging Coop’s high chair outside in the backyard. While I fed her breakfast, I sat on the outdoor couch. I am uncertain why breakfast outside doesn’t happen daily because the weather has  been stunningly beautiful in the early mornings. In our city, Orange, CA, we have a population of wild parrots that flood the neighborhood of Old Town. Most mornings you can hear them fly by the house, and some mornings they will stop in your yard. If you are trying sleep, good luck, but if you are up early, it is quite a treat.

Listening to music is a norm now in the mornings, but this week I replaced 52 Sing-a-Long tunes with Jack Johnson, Hawaiian Music and some Beach Boys.

Journaling? Well, that is not happening in the mornings anytime soon. Even though Cooper is held captive in her chair, I do not have quite that much time to think. Besides, I would rather have our little toddler one and two word conversations and kiss dada off to work.

I was grateful for this week’s #bebetter52 challenge because I also found a new place on the kitchen counter to showcase my herbal teas. It is a gentle reminder in the morning to start boiling the water, making it extremely convenient to reach for the tea of the day.