My “Ah Ha” Moments

Reflecting on my life’s journey, I can now see how every detail was meant to be. I see these details in meeting my husband. I see these details playing out with the births of my children. And I am beginning to see these details in how Be Better Movement came about and what it is developing into and will be in the future.  

Before my husband, I dated my high school boyfriend for eight years until he broke up with me the spring of 2008. I was devastated. I remember being totally confused since I felt so strongly I was supposed to be with him. So why did it end? Being a religious person, I prayed earnestly: “Why did I have to date him for eight years? Couldn’t I have learned what I needed to learn in four years, maybe even 6 years? Why eight?” The most beautiful part of life is when we gain clarity as to why things happen the way they do. I now know why. In that eighth year, my ex-boyfriend moved from San Francisco to Newport Beach, CA. During that year, I visited often and accepted a coaching job in the community. That eighth year is the only reason I moved to Newport Beach after grad school even after the break up. I established a life I adored in Newport Beach. It is also the place where I meet my now husband. My whole life depended on that eighth year.

This picture was taken a couple month into dating on our trip to Fiji

This picture was taken a couple month into dating on our trip to Fiji

I have always been a passionate person. I feel blessed to be able to discern with clarity what I want and when I should be doing something. This energy comes from inside me, and it sends my mind into turbo speed brainstorming, often creative and sometimes a bit out there. For the most part, I have always been wired this way. Am I a visionary? Maybe. I love to dream big, and I particularly love that burst of energy and excitement that comes when I experience my “ah ha” moments. And for those moments, I don’t mind losing sleep over.

With that being said, my big dreams are often overwhelmed with details, some of which I have no idea how to achieve. I am consumed with writing lists, yet paralyzed when starting tasks. And although I have had many moments of clarity--just ask my husband--I have probably had equal moments of self-doubt. On those days, I look at my husband and utter in exhaustion,“Why I am I even doing this?” Then my self doubts continue: "If I were to declare I am finished now, I bet only a handful of people would even notice.” I even had some of these moments two weeks ago.

I remember the moment I came up with the Be Better concept. I was falling in love with my now husband at the time. Only months into dating, I had “convinced” him to take a trip to Fiji with me on my way to Australia. Weeks later, I was  traveling alone through Australia, missing him terribly, but filled with time to imagine. I took a ferry to Manly Beach, a suburb of Northern Sydney, and remember walking along the boardwalk. The weather was crisp and clear. It was 2011 and I was trying to figure out how to incorporate my Masters in Social Welfare into my daily career. I don’t remember what sparked the thought, but I remember that amazing burst of energy and excitement.

Yes, that’s it!!!  I will create a community of women who will workout together. We will support each other while doing weekly challenges, and for every completed challenge I will find a company that will donate money to charity.

It has now been eight years since that sunny crisp day in Australia. Every detail of this eight-year journey has been for a purpose.

Be Better WORKOUT Dana Point

Be Better WORKOUT Dana Point

So here is a little history.
The Workouts:

Some of the ladies in my Be better workout in Newport Beach, CA

Some of the ladies in my Be better workout in Newport Beach, CA

January of 2012 (after that trip to Australia, summer of 2011), I started my first Be Better workouts. Four days I week, I would meet up with a group of impressive and outstanding women, mostly older women (mid to 40’s-50’s), and we would exercise outside and provide each other with emotional support through life’s ups and downs--sending children off to college, going through a divorce, moving, and grieving the death of a child. These same women started new businesses, embraced life with new transitions and, at the same time, celebrated my engagement, my marriage and my new pregnancy. We worked out for years together. To this day, these memories remain some of my favorite ones. Our time together was full of fresh air, love, support, exercise and advice.

The Charity:

It wasn’t until giving birth to my daughter that a new clarity began consuming my heart and mind. I wanted to focus on the movement, the cause. And now the cause was meant to be about maternal health because of my personal near-death experience during childbirth. My time became more limited, but my commitment became undeniable.  I still continued the Be Better workouts in Newport Beach because they gave me energy and strength, but I knew the time would come to an end after giving birth to my son in 2017.

Sparking a Multigenerational Conversation:

My mom and I.

My mom and I.

When I started Be Better, I felt my "audience" was just me. I thought the mission would only connect with women in their early 30's, moms with young kids, working moms who were busy and thankful for a schedule that outlined how to make simple improvements in their life. Thankfully, I was wrong. I am surprised it took me this long to realize that Be Better Movement is multigenerational and has always been. Women ranging from their 20's-60's are coming together to focus on self-improvement and a cause. Women in that range are also the ones buying the box. I am excited to start embracing this multigenerational conversation. Women are powerful when we come together with different life experiences and support each other. ⠀

Reshaping the vision:

This multigenerational conversation is ringing loud and clear. As a result, I will be revamping Be Better Movement to include more of myself and this multigenerational conversation among women of all ages.  The multi-generational conversation and support I experienced running the Be Better workouts is an experience I will forever cherish. Because I have the most amazing “older” women in my life, I am going to invest my time into sparking that conversation on my Be Better platform and, hopefully,  on a podcast in the Summer of 2019.

I am one mom who is on a journey to bring GENERATIONS of women together to BETTER their lives while raising money for CHARITY.

Thank you to everyone who has joined me in this life journey. I know I will have other moments of self doubt, but I know and believe that Be Better Movement will be become something far-reaching, inspirational and life-changing.  I wrote about personal life goals in my most recent journal entry:  “Focus my life work on being the best mother and wife possible, one who is thoughtful, intentional and present. Document and share supportive stories made up of generations of women. And create a legacy with Be Better Movement, one that my children will be proud of.”

Wish me luck.