Morning Routine from Portland, Oregon

Hello! My name is Jocelyn O’Bryant. My husband, my 8-month-old daughter Berkeley and I just moved from Portland, Oregon, to American Fork, Utah. We are currently living with my parents while my husband completes a Master's of Finance program at the University of Utah.

I loved this week’s challenge to establish a routine. I already have developed a morning routine because that’s how I function, and I think it’s beneficial for everyone! I am an extremely organized girl, and most of my days are planned out--at least my morning routine is. My fairly simple morning routine makes the rest of my day go much smoother. Every morning I workout, come home, eat breakfast while I do some personal development. Next, I have scripture study with Berkeley, get ready and work on my dōTERRA essential oil business. With kids, it’s sometimes hard to get a routine established. I know the more kids you have, the harder it gets, but I think just incorporating a few morning habits can be effective not only for you but also for your family. Before I had my daughter, I wasn’t working a full-time job,and I didn’t have much of a morning routine. It basically consisted of waking up, eating breakfast, personal study, going to workout and that was it. Now it’s set, and the first and foremost thing I do is feed my daughter since I am still nursing, and then I can go about my routine.

Since I already have a morning routine, this challenge wasn’t difficult for me at all, but it reminded me to stick to it. Every morning I start the day by heading to the gym for a workout. Some mornings, especially Mondays, I am so tired I just want to sleep in.  But I know I need to wake up and hit the gym because otherwise I won’t be able to get my workout in. My husband watches Berkeley while I go, but he’s at school the rest of the day. My routine not only keeps me sane, but it also keeps my family on a schedule and “in the loop.” Most of the Be Better challenges are easy for me to do. Others are more difficult and stretch me a bit, but I am always motivated to complete each challenge because $1 goes to the Every Mother Counts Charity and then another $1 is matched when I post it on social media.  I invite all my friends and fellow Instagram and Facebook followers to join this Be Better Movement