Looking for Be Better Team Captains

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The High Five #bebetter52

A Be Better competition where teams of five work together to complete the weekly #bebetter52 challenges throughout the year. It is a fun way to stay connected with friends and family throughout the year while striving your best to be better. Plus it is an opportunity to compete against other Be Better teams for incentive prizes throughout the year.


How it works?

Create a team

Pick 5 friends and family to form a team.

Decide on a team name and captain

The team captain will receive supportive content directly from Be Better Movement to forward to teammates. Once the team name is decided, please fill out Team Captain form.

Teammates join the movement

Have all teammates sign up for the weekly newsletter at www.bebettermovement.com/join/  

Make sure they add the team name on form.

Start group text message or email

Create a supportive network aimed to help hold teammates accountable in completing the weekly challenges. We encourage team members to share recipes, creative ideas and completed challenges throughout the week.

Complete and compete

Be Better Movement will be keeping track of all the completed challenges based on teams. Gifts and prize incentives will be given throughout the year.

Most importantly,

You stay connected to friends and family throughout the year while striving your best to be better and, at the same time, raising money for Every Mother Counts.

By joining a team or becoming a team captain, you are not committing to complete all 52 challenges.