Little Moments Turn Big

Little Moments Turn Big

Aly Simons

Recently, I was interviewed over the phone by one of my spring interns, Chandana, who wanted to write a journalism piece on my story and her experience working with the Be Better Movement.  After about 15 minutes into the interview, she asked, “What mark do you hope Be Better leaves on the world?” Wow!  I hesitated, thinking how complex yet simple my response could be.  My assessment of Be Better Movement this week is not only limited to this question, but also to the fact I have 13 weeks until the arrival of my baby boy. With two babies under the age of two on the horizon, where and what I devote my time and energy to needs thoughtful consideration. I will only carve out time from busy days with my family for things I firmly believe in.

That being said, I bought a new planner called the Self Journal. I have been waiting for it to arrive because I needed a new tool to guide, motivate and inspire me during the next 13 weeks. I needed to be FOCUSED.  The truth is I have a little bit of an obsession organizing my days with daily planners and, for the most part, “non digital planners” work best for me. The Self Journal arrived today, and after reading through the first 27 pages about maximizing one’s effectiveness, I wrote down the following :

My morning gratitude (The journal asked for 3 things)

-The Todd girls, who are the most flexible babysitters in the world.

-My husband who was willing to drive back from work to deliver my phone which he accidentally took.

-Eating and enjoying breakfast with my daughter before I head out the door to coach.

Outline a schedule for the day

-I produced a to-do list. Set a goal and a target for today

My goal: To gain 1200 subscribers to the Be Better Movement by October 15th. I want to attract the attention of companies inspired by our community who are excited to donate on behalf of our completed challenges. More subscribers equals more bigger impact.

Today’s Target (Most important tasks of the day to help me reach my goal):

-Read 25 more pages of my new blog book entitled, Blog Inc: Blogging for Passion, Profit and to Create Community by Joy Deangdeelert Cho.

- Write Aly’s Angle on Yerba Mates

-Go through a list of women networking companies and choose 10 to contact.

Back to Chandana’s question. I paused and then replied,

“The mark I hope Be Better Movement leaves on the world is that change happens by making little improvements in your life one day at a time. All of these little moments turn big when combined together. The beauty of Be Better Movement is that while each individual challenge may seem trivial, when added together, a lifestyle change happens. This is also true of the donations to Every Mother Counts. An individual may think a meager weekly contribution of a $1 to charity from a completed #bebetter52 challenge will have little impact, but that dollar, combined with the completed challenges of a woman in Texas, a woman in Oregon, a woman in Hawaii, etc., creates an impact that is exponential.”

The importance of authenticity when starting a blog-based company has been emphasized over and over in the book I am reading. When discussing this concept with my friend Nasem, she said, “Perfect because you love empowering women.” The truth is I am most passionate about inspiring and empowering women toward self and global improvement. This journey toward “Being Better” is ingrained in me, oftentimes overwhelming me. It is why I have an addiction to buying planners. Life can be an arduous and daunting journey, which is exactly why I created Be Better. I believe women need a little support in this journey toward self-improvement.  I know I do.

It has been 2.5 years since the #bebetter52 challenge started. With your help and my trusted daily planner, I hope to reach my goal of 1200 subscribers by the time the baby is due, October 15, 2017.

My three-part mission for the Be Better Movement: 

-To grow a community of women (specifically mothers) inspired to complete weekly wellness challenges nationwide to improve their lives and the lives around them.

-To raise money and awareness to improve global maternal health care by providing participants an extra incentive to complete challenges.

-To collaborate with companies interested in repurposing their advertising budgets by donating to Every Mother Counts for every completed #bebetter52 challenge.