Lemon Water during Baby Breakfast Time

Every time I travel, I have this ambitious goal that once I am back in the United States, I will sit down in the morning to drink a hot cup of herbal tea and read the daily newspaper. It usually takes only two or three mornings before I stop reading the newspaper or steeping my tea. Why? I am back to my old habit of running late and rushing out the door.   

This week #bebetter52 challenge has caused me to revisit my after-travel goal but to substitute the tea with lemon water. I would be lying if I said I accomplished the goal three days in a row, but today I did!  The first step was filling a cup with water from the refrigerator. It wasn’t room temperature, but at least I didn’t put ice in it. Next, I walked into my backyard and picked lemons off our tree. Yes, we have a lemon tree. I then squeezed half a lemon into the water.

Lemon Tree

The next part of the story isn’t quite as relaxing. I put Cooper in her high chair for breakfast. Normally a good eater, she wasn’t on her A-game due to a bad cold, so she throws all the food off her tray onto the ground. Most of the time food doesn’t even hit the ground because Tucker, my big Golden Doodle, is there to catch it in his mouth or, more often than not, take it straight out of her hand. So with lemon water in one hand, I am using the other to drag my dog behind a doggy gate so Cooper doesn’t feel so tempted. I heat up oatmeal and blow on each bite because that’s a game we play. I blow and she says says “hat” meaning “hot.” It is pretty cute. She does it with almost any food, including cottage cheese and yogurt. All through our mother-daughter breakfast moment, I casually sip my lemon water.

It is now 4:45 in the afternoon.  As I’m thinking back on my day, I’m unsure if I have had any water since that 8 oz glass. Time to get another glass. Tomorrow, I am going to make a big pitcher of lemon water so that every time I open the refrigerator, the refreshing water is readily available.

Side note: Have you ever given a baby a lemon? I tried it the other day, and Cooper acted like it was a sweet juicy orange. Do babies not taste sour or is my daughter a little weird?