Hope my love of water flows over to my kids

My name is Lauren Mahlmeister, and I'm addicted to water. I love swimming, I love the ocean, I love rainy days, and cold water is always my drink of choice. Roughly 70% of an adult's body is made up of water. By the time a person feels thirsty, his or her body has already lost over 1% of its total water amount. Drinking water is not only good for you, it's essential to your body function! As a mom, I hope that my love of water flows over to my kids. There's nothing better than water!

That being said, I'm not as good at drinking water as I used to be! When I'm at a restaurant and there's someone refilling my water every two minutes, sure, I can drink forever. But when I'm home doing chores, or out running errands, or playing at the park with the kids, my water bottle sometimes doesn't get the refills it deserves. Although I never leave home without a water bottle or two (or three), they're usually emptied quickly and forgotten until I'm exhausted and have a headache. This week's Be Better 52 challenge to drink water is helping me be more aware and rectify the problem. I want my health and energy back, and I'm starting with water!