Ever Heard of Norwex Rags?

At Be Better Movement we love highlighting our 52'ers. Here is Joo Lin R who shares her passion for this week's #bebetter52 challenge and love for Norwex rags.

Hi - I’m Joo Lin on Be Better Team Awesome! I’m wife to a fantastic man and mom to four crazy awesome kids! I love organizing, spending time with my family, being active, and helping people.


I love the mission of “Be Better” and the weekly challenges. They have introduced me to new things, some of which I love and some I don’t - ha! I appreciate the ones that have stretched me. I have had some wonderful conversations about improving ourselves so we can have more capacity to help others.

This week’s challenge of “Safe Cleaning Supplies” hits home for me. I believe in creating safe haven homes for families, specifically reducing chemicals as related to this challenge. My life changed when I was introduced to Norwex. I found a way to protect my family’s health, save money, and save time cleaning. Norwex specializes in microfiber products cleaning with just water to remove up to 99% of bacteria, virus, etc. from surfaces with proper care and usage. We also have other non-toxic enzyme products when cloth & water aren’t quite enough. I now feel comfortable teaching my kids how to clean alongside me because I’m not sending them to use toxic chemicals. I feel like our home is cleaner while spending less time doing the work. Enjoy creating a healthier home with this week’s challenge!