Bed Rest and Honey Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches


Being on modified bed rest has been harder than I expected. Maybe it is increase in pregnancy hormones, the lack of vitamin D, the achiness I feel from laying down majority of the day, the inability to do things I want to get done, or the grieving about not able to spend quality time with Cooper before her brother’s arrival.

Oh wait, it is probably all of the above.

The hardest part of being on bed rest is the mix of emotions I feel. Of course, it’s all worth it, and I would do it for the full 40 weeks if it meant a healthy son, but at times it is tough. I don’t enjoy acknowledging how difficult it is because, for some reason, it makes me feel ungrateful and weak. Negativity is not an emotion I like festering inside of me, so I have actively been trying to look at the positives of bed rest.

1.     Before 28 weeks, I was feeling a little detached from this pregnancy because I was distracted by a busy toddler. I was more focused on the actual birth of my son. Now, I am almost solely focused on the baby itself.

On bed rest enjoying a little honey snack

On bed rest enjoying a little honey snack

2.     I have a growing appreciation for all the people who have been watching and entertaining Cooper. Having to rely on people for almost everything (picking her up to put her in her crib, grocery shopping, cleaning up, etc), gives me a new perspective on what others might need when it's my time to serve in a similar situation.

3.     It forces Cooper and me to become used to a little more separation which will inevitably happen when brother arrives. Instead of being uncomfortable with new people, she gets excited for the new adventures I have organized for her to go on. Because I can’t do everything, she is becoming more independent.

4.     I can take naps--and, boy, do I love naps.

5.     I get to work on Be Better and connect with amazing companies and women.

This week’s #bebetter52 challenge has been a great one for me. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches with bananas only requires a limited amount of prep time, which allows me to make them quickly while standing. I have come up with a creative solution to feeding Cooper that allows me to feed her without lifting her into a high chair. We bought a little IKEA table for her to sit at to eat. It melts my heart seeing her little feet inches off the ground swinging in pride as she attempts to eat on a big girl chair.