Be Better from a Pediatric Dentist

Each week, Be Better Movement wants to feature some of our active participants completing the challenges around the country. We all come from different places, different life experiences and different cultures, but have one thing in common. We are committed to turn self improvement into global improvement. We hope that you become inspired by the stories told. 

Hello! My name is Nasem Dunlop. I am a new mom in my thirties who has a full-time career as a pediatric dentist. My life has always been busy, but adding a child to the mix has REALLY added to the bustle of everyday life. In the past, I was motivated to eat well and workout 5 or 6 times a week without feeling any guilt about taking time bettering myself. As part of my adjustment to mommyhood, I almost immediately cut out my exercise routine. My diet went out the window with the cravings of pregnancy and the hunger of nursing. It was hard for me to juggle work and a baby and add in workout time. I also had mommy guilt leaving my baby so I could workout when I had already left him a majority of the day to work. I was searching for a balance.

I joined the Be Better Challenge over a year ago when I met Aly (Founder of Be Better Movement), and she explained the whole challenge to me. I enjoy the challenges each week and love that they are different each week--some include diet or exercise or a new healthy habit or just a slow down and reflection of what is good around you. Then to make the challenge even better, you are completing each challenge and, in turn, raising money for an amazing cause.

This week's Partner Fitness Challenge is one I especially like. I was searching for a balance so this was the perfect challenge for me! I partnered with a good friend of mine, also a new mommy, juggling a career and baby, who is also into fitness but finding it hard to find a balance. We alternate who chooses the workout for the week and then check in with each other to make sure the other is completing the workout in a timely manner. It is great because she loves to run, which I hate, so her running workouts really motivate me to try something I hadn't done in the past. My workouts include my favorite things to do: planks and burpees, which she doesn't love. I, in turn, challenge her to work outside of her comfort zone. We both fail here and there but always help the other pick right back up with the challenge and move forward. The challenge helped me feel much more balanced in all my areas of life and helped me to feel I had included an exercise routine back into my busy life. I hope to continue to check in with my fitness partner and motivate each other through this journey. Life is all about balance. At each stage life the balance will need to be adjusted for that moment. I am happy to feel back in balance.