Be Better from a Mom of Three.

My name is Tori Withers, and I am starting my third year as a member of the #Bebetter52 Movement.  I am a busy stay-at-home mom of three young children, ages 1, 3 and 6..  I rarely have much time for myself, but the Be Better Movement has allowed me to continue to make small changes that help me become better even with little time on my hands.  I also love that by completing the challenges and sharing my pictures on social media, I can make the world a better place by contributing money to the “Every Woman Matters Charity,” a charity near and dear to my heart.

This week’s challenge is to make protein pancakes, and I knew I could complete this challenge no problem!  Let me tell you, my first child is a VERY picky eater.  The other day I tried counting how many different types of food he is willing to eat, and I couldn’t even count ten.  It’s annoying and frustrating and, at times, exhausting.  I worry he isn’t getting the nutrients he needs.  Luckily, along with strawberries, chicken nuggets and yogurt, he will also eat pancakes (chocolate chip pancakes, to be exact).  Recently, I stumbled upon a protein pancake mix at Costco.  This mix has transformed meal time at our house because he likes the pancakes, and I feel good about feeding them to him.  To increase the protein content, I add one egg and 1 cup of milk to the mix, which ensures he is getting about 21 grams of protein per 3 small pancakes!  That is more protein than you’d find in 3 eggs!

This mix works really well for our schedule, but there are homemade versions of protein pancakes that include egg whites, cottage cheese, peanut butter and/or protein powder.  These are just a few things you can add to your pancakes or use as a topping to increase the protein.  On the internet many different options and ideas can be found.  Mix it up, try something new and see what you and your family members like.  And don’t forget, add a few chocolate chips to make it extra special!